A Fool for April, indeed

As promised. Here we are. April 1 and no joke, I’m about to write a new post every day for 30 days. March was the month for exercising every day for 30 days. That was much easier, as I’m a strange bird who would prefer a workout over trying to write anything, let alone something worth reading. Because writing is much more vulnerable, especially when you’re sharing it with the world/Internet. So you can choose to suffer through my ramblings for 30 days. And truly I hope you do. Maybe if we get to the end of the month, I’ll be a nominally better writer. Maybe you’ll have learned something worth your time. And if not, we can all blame my dear friend Jackie for inspiring me to start doing 30-day challenges. 🙂

I hate to start on a negative note but April Fools Day is crap. I hate spending an entire day bracing myself for being humiliated, or at least for being trolled harassed. As an adult I can at least be thankful that people are generally not so damn terrible anymore. But as a woman, with blonde hair, who grew up as the youngest sibling, I grew to hate April 1 with a fiery passion. There were years I actually didn’t go to school if April 1 fell on a week day. So I didn’t have to endure the crap. Also my mom is awesome.

And don’t get me wrong I have a fantastic sense of humor. I just don’t think trolling and harassing people is funny. I also don’t think pranks are funny. I’m not alone. Jokes aren’t funny when they hurt someone. Yes it’s possible to be funny and not hurt someone. If you don’t believe that, you’re wrong. <3 So now that I've alienated half the Internet, here's a toast to who's left. Actually while I'm doing the negative Nancy rant, I'll just get it all out right now and complain about the HIMYM finale that crushed all our hopes and dreams. They may as well have splattered the troll face all over the screen during the end credits.


The rest of the Internet has done a fine job complaining about it so I won’t go further. POSITIVITY FROM HERE ON OUT! Hey, Internet. I like your shoes. They’re pretty.

So I hope you’re prepared for the blast of rainbows, candy, and cat lady stories that will fill the next 30 days. I’m pretty excited about it.

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