Attack on Titan

I’m a tad picky about my anime. Can’t watch just any of it. I can get by on weird Japanese-isms (lol Dragon Ball Z), but between the far-too-gently-named “fan service” and the very-near-if-not-very-graphic rape scenes you may run into from time to time, one needs to be choosy.

I loves me some of the classics, like Cowboy Bebop. I like the slightly more obscure, like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I even like less traditional ones like Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I’m hesitant about new ones that gain popularity so quickly though, the most recent example being Attack On Titan. However I just finished the first season (all that’s on Netflix) and I have a few things to say about it.



When I saw the first episode I was all, “THIS IS AWESOME. FOREVER. WATCHING ALL OF IT.” It’s funny because my husband, knowing how sensitive a soul I am sometimes, was really concerned I wasn’t gonna be able to handle it. I guess when it’s animated (and not about rape) violence doesn’t bother me. It’s less real or something. Not sure what it is exactly. So even times when it really affected him (not grossing him out, just being very dark/emotional), while I wasn’t unaffected, I was OK. I am glad it wasn’t overly gory, though.

So then I kinda felt a lot smarter than the show sometimes. I still like it a lot overall, but I had some big things figured out fairly early on. For instance the fact that Annie was the Female Titan. I knew right away. And it confirmed my suspicion all along that humans were controlling at least the seemingly intelligent variant titans. If not all of them, though I think the dumber ones are simply not able to control their “powers.” Probably experiment gone wrong, etc. We shall see. Hopefully.

Because of course, as per usual, the writers never expected such success so they don’t have any dates announced for a second season. Even though someone announced July as the release date, it was announced on April 1. (See post about April Fools Day.)

So let’s everybody do ourselves a favor and not put crazy pressure on the writers to see something quickly. People have killed themselves over pressure like that. Seriously. I wanna see more of this show, even if I have to wait years.

That said, while looking for a reference to the above claim of suicide (because I know I read/heard that somewhere and want to back it up) I found _this_. I very so much don’t have any frame of reference whatsoever about decades- or centuries-old disputes between Asian countries but let’s just all agree threatening someone’s death is never the right response and leave it at that.

Even if it’s as bad as someone portraying a character who looks like Hitler in a show as a sort of good guy, I don’t think they deserve their life threatened. Coolthxbai.

Read last post. Pacifism. Love for all the ages. FTW.

Anyway, let’s not kill or threaten the poor guy because there are lots of unanswered questions and I find the story terribly interesting. 🙂

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