Whether you believe it was created by a higher power, or it evolved from nothing, I think that one cannot deny that the Earth, and maybe the whole universe, is a perfect ecosystem that works and evolves and lives without the need for intervention. Even if you believe it was created, God does not need to come in every day and tweak the oxygen levels in the stratosphere. He made a perfect creation and it works because He set it up to do so on its own.

I digress.

If we don’t agree the Earth’s ecosystem is self-sufficient, we shall save that for another discussion. Let’s assume this is true.

If we can say it is self-sufficient, we can kind of see it as a living organism. A very large one. And as per the typical MO of all living organisms, its default function is to Survive. And it is doing rather well so far.


What happens when an organism enters your body and begins to wreak havoc? Generally, your body fights the shit out of that thing. It’s called your immune system.

I like to think the Earth has its own immune system. It has a homeostasis state of sorts, and its goal is to constantly maintain it. Why? Well, some people like to think that the Earth was created for humans, so its job is to stay in a state that will sustain life. And I ask those people to please re-read more carefully that book they hold so dear. It doesn’t say that. It says we are caretakers of the Earth. The Earth is a caretaker of no one and nothing.

So regardless of one’s beliefs or lack thereof, our goal, as organisms in this fine universe, should probably be in line with that of the Earth’s: to Survive.

I worry about our species because it seems we have completely forgotten our role on this world. Whether you believe we are caretakers because God said so, or because if we don’t take care of the Earth, we will not Survive, it is incredibly ignorant to think that a species that has come in and covered a good portion of the Earth’s surface doesn’t have a significant impact on its ecosystem. You’ll notice that most other species’ on this planet contribute to the bigger picture in a significant way.

And please remember: the Earth’s ecosystem? Is our ecosystem.

What happens when the Earth begins the retaliate? And if that sounds like good Science Fiction, I remind you that most Science Fiction comes true eventually. There are these ants that seem to be trying to kill all our crops and infest the entire country. Then of course, there’s AIDS. An STD that breaks down the immune system until you eventually die from something else. So not only does it deter us from mating, it breaks down our major biological mode of survival.

Maybe I’m just paranoid. But it doesn’t mean I’m wrong. The biggest ailment of the Human Condition is Ego. Selfishness. Greed. Pride. I think that perhaps we should each stop for a moment each day and remember just how insignificant we are. We could benefit from quite a bit of humility these days.

Our goal needs to be to have consideration for our impact not just on each other, but on our environment.

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