My First Time: A Foodie’s Plunge into McRib Joy

All my life, I had heard rumors and stories about how the McRib sandwich at McDonald’s was … something. Nobody ever said anything about it that was memorable, except that it was a rarity. When it was brought back into existence from time to time, there was an aura of excitement. It’s been an intrigue and a mystery for the whole of my existence. So at 24 years of age, I finally decided to buckle down and go back to McDonald’s after a months- or maybe years-long hiatus.

Why do I avoid McDonald’s? Do I even need to answer that question?

I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. The worst kind, really. I know just enough to sound pretentious but not nearly enough to actually know what I’m talking about. In all honesty, I love food. I love cooking, and creating new things, and learning about the origins of certain foods. Some of my favorite genres of food include Mexican, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, and Indian; I’d like to start learning more about French cooking soon. I also love baking. And beer. And wine, although I know a lot more about beer. The list goes on. So there’s an appreciation for food as a whole, but a pretentious air when it comes to actually eating food. Because I only eat good food.

However, I will give almost anything a chance. Even something I’ve never tried at McDonald’s.

Confession: The final motivation, and possibly 80% of the motivation, was because they mentioned the McRib on How I Met Your Mother, the only half hour of TV I watch per week (not including Steelers and Penguins games).

So the journey began. I made mention of this quest to a coworker, so he decided to be the enabler (and order one himself). When we arrived, there were 2 lines ahead of us full of small, loud children. Suburbia Hell. However, the light at the end of the tunnel indicated there would be much rejoicing…


I just ordered the sandwich. I regret that a little. Why go to McDonald’s if you aren’t going to indulge in the fries?

Then, we made a stop at Starbucks on the way back to work. While we’re at it, why not give even more of our hard earned cash to Corporate America? I already gave them my soul.


The ribbon cutting ceremony…


And then I ate it.


A lady always leaves something on her plate.

The Verdict
Well, guys. Honestly. I couldn’t have expected anything different from McDonald’s. Processed pork, pressed into a ribs-shaped patty, with very little taste. Barbeque sauce that probably consisted mostly of ketchup. And pickles. Pickles. on a Rib sandwich. What? Also, having had awesome pork ribs in the past – like real ribs; from Omaha Steaks for instance – made this all the more boring.

Am I disappointed? Not really. Not surprised at all. However, it was relatively anti-climactic.

Color me indifferent.

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