The Guild Issue #1

I subscribe to Felicia Day’s blog, because she’s one of the few celebrity females who is both in the spotlight and a red-head. She’s a classy dame.

So I’m going to give her a bit of free advertising (not that she needs it) because I am to read and review her new comic book, which is based on her web series The Guild. The first issue just came out as an iPhone app (which I can get on my iPod because I still have a Verizon contract and I’m too poor to break it, so I am waiting for Verizon to magically acquire the iPhone </rant>) for 99 cents! I’m pretty excited.

I may have almost no real frame of reference or history in comic books, let alone reviews of them. But I like them. So I’m going to start. Right now.


THE GUILD Issue #1

The Guild is a story about a girl named Cyd, probably in her mid to late 20s, who has a douche bag boyfriend, and is seeing a therapist because she just can’t seem to get out of a depressed funk. She plays the oboe in an orchestra, and her boyfriend did too before he quit to join a crappy band. The plot begins with her first discovery of MMOs, where she is invigorated to find that she can completely reinvent herself in a new world online.


It’s an intriguing plot, and you really care about the main character (who basically IS Felicia Day… and is therefore hot). And it’s funny. And you wanna kind of hit her for dating a douche bag. The artwork is really clean and cool. It kind of reminds me of some old school Batman cartoons. Not too trying-to-look-real but not too cartoon-y either. And a good use of color. Like a really good use of color.


And you know what else is really cool? Reading it on my iPod. 🙂 Although I may just straight up buy the second issue tomorrow. It will probably be a lot more than a dollar, though.

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